Competition for World of Warcraft?

For years it has been the king of MMORPGs but is it is danger of losing its throne?

Although WoW is an MMO giant, since it’s release in 2004 it is slowly aging , loosing its interest and loosing hundreds of thousands of  players per month.

In 2012 will WoW remain the king of the online gaming world with its new “Mist of Pandaria” expansion or will Guild Wars 2 take the crown?

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of all time

and is said to be released this year.

Guild Wars 2 has one major factor that makes it different from Warcraft: it’s free, almost. You’ll have to pal the usual $60 or so to buy the game, but once that’s done there are no ongoing subscription fees to pay!

With beautiful graphics and the addition of underwater combat Guild Wars 2 will diffidently be WoW’s biggest competitor.

Also will EA and Bioware’s new “StarWars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) rise above as the next-gen MMO?

It will be interesting to see how the race unfolds throughout the year, til’ then

only time will tell…


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  1. WoW is definitely on its way out. Its too costly and the recent expansion just isn’t good enough and the next doesn’t look any better. Plus with The Old Republic out and Guild Wars 2 coming this year there is a lot of good competition for WoW.

  2. $15/month is $180 a year for just one game. Way to much in my opinion.

  3. WoW will never truely die no matter what new games come out(even tho i wish it would)…..Star Wars will definatley devistate its playerbase but surely not kill it…..just for the fact its a better looking monthly game…..but my heart will now and surely for a long time rest on Guild Wars 2……once that releases WoW will take a huge hit again…..but like i said will never truely die…….but even tho Guild Wars 2 looks amazing and looks like the best mmo that will be out this year it WILL have compitition and its going to be TERA Online!……

  4. TERA is said to be CONFIRMED to come out spring of this year! and it might just be a free to play game…… 😀

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