Minecraft makes $126 Million

Did they just say million?!?

That’s right, Minecraft has sold a total 4.6 Million copies for a total of $26.95 per copy!

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.

The game features one of the biggest sandbox ever created in a game,

let alone an indie game!

Minecraft is a game where using just a few basic tools that you craft, you can create some of the most amazing structures such as castles, football fields, fantasy worlds, and anything as crazy as exact detail to detail Call of Duty maps! ( I speak from experience)

It has had about 4 games who have already stolen the idea of this on Xbox Live Indie Games including Castle Miner

Minecraft however, is planning to release an official Xbox 360 version.

Is this a sign that even indie games are now in competition with even

the largest of gaming companies? 


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  1. What is your favorite indie game?

  2. Though i have never played minecraft i wouldnt dout its sold that many games….games like this are like candy in gamers hands…..it gives u the freedom to do as u wish…..it goes perfectly to ALL types of gamers…..right now the only indie game i play would be Terraria which is more or less minecrafts doppleganger in a 2d perspective 🙂

  3. Well said, by the way looking forward to “The Secret World” coming out this year?

  4. Yup iv been looking forward to The Secret World for at least a year when there was barley any info on game…..but now im even more exited…..it was at E3 and it looks great i took the quiz and im going to be in the dragon faction

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