Master Chief Unmasked

He is unarguably on of the most iconic figures in gaming history but what lies behind the mask?

We may finally have an answer!

During a glitch in the Halo 3 beta some gamers were able to discover what just may be the long lost face of the master chief

Now take a look at Sergent John Forge (known to perhaps be the master chief) and notice the similarities such as their scars

John Forge shares the same name as Master Chief

Now notice the ace of spades on both of their sholder pads!

Is this the true face of this beloved gaming legend?

The secret may go to the grave with bungie…

Source: GamesRadar


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  1. So tell me guys… Halo Vs. Call of Duty?

  2. Yea the onley problem with that is that when the Spartans where abducted as children they where replaced by clones that would die shortly after they where made so no 1 would look for them.

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