The Growth of Mobile Gaming


As the technology advances, so does gaming, and ever since the release of smart phones, gaming will never be the same!

Earning millions of dollars each year is the massive growing market for mobile games such as Angry Birds, Minecraft, Infinity Blade, Call of Duty Zombies, and many others. Is this a good sign for the future of gaming on the go? As many of you may have noticed, when Apple released the iPhone 4 it had significantly better graphics than that of the previous iPhone 3 and 3Gs. As hand held game systems and mobile smart phones increase their capabilities, so do game developers! What we expect today from top tier console games may be less than we expect from our smart phones in just a few years! Imagine playing games with graphics like Crysis or Skyrim but in the palm of your hands, at this rate that is where we are headed!

The future of mobile gaming is looking bright and in time will only improve!


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  1. What are your favorite mobile games?

  2. I’ve been playing Crime Wars and Modern War a bunch.. Not too graphically intensive, but quite addictive..

    Good article

  3. Try the new app “Run Roo Run” in the app store, you can find it in the top 25 for paid apps

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