Blade & Soul

There barely any information on this game other than IT KICKS BUTT!, this is the most awesome gameplay i have ever seen in a mmorpg, the only problem is when will it come out. The earliest video on this game was posted in 2008 which isnt very reassuring if you ask me. The website has only this video on it and nothing else, another sign that doesn’t look good, but man after seeing this i will not rest until it comes out! HURRY UP NCSOFT!


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  1. OMG this looks epic 🙂 But is this possibly what has been holding back GW2?

  2. omg your right NCSoft are the ppl who make guild wars i didn’t notice that nice observation there my friend….well if this come outs before gw2 guess which will be more popular

  3. um dude nc soft isnt the maker of blade and soul….they just bought rights to sell it on theyre region….

    btw there is a private server up and running for this game….well they have some bugs and isnt fully translated yet , but theyre working on it =) this is one a fcking epic game i tell ya, nothin like the mmo’s out there, the battle system, the graphics ,sound, cutscene’s too epic

  4. Well thank you for the correction. I didnt know there was a private server if you would be so kind to post a link to it that would be awsome. 😀

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