Can You Hear the Music?

What gives gamers the complete experience gamers have come to know and love?

Is it all in a good story? Great graphics? Great gameplay?

All of these are true but what most gamers don’t think about when playing games is how to music usually relates to the scenario of the moment during a game.

This is similar to how a movie will start playing slow, sad music after a character dies, or when fast and exiting music starts playing during a moment of action.

Aside from games like “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” players often don’t think of the music being added to the enjoyment of the game.

Next time you go to play your favorite games (especially games like Halo) be sure to take notice and experience the game by playing to the beat and really get into it!

You may find certain games to be more enjoyable when you play along with the rhythm of the music!

Leave your comments below, what are your favorite songs in gaming?


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  1. Here’s one of my favorite songs and might i add actually part of the halo 2 soundtrack 😀

  2. Also Guild Wars has a very nice orchastrated sound track 😀

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