Resident Evil 6: Do or Die


If Capcom didn’t invent the Survival Horror genre then they at least made it incredibly popular, realising a trio of great games to cement this. Then, with Resident Evil 4, they changed the genre massively, adding huge amounts of action whilst still maintaining the intense nature of the Survival Horror genre. Since then? Well since then they have released Resident Evil 5, in my opinion the worst of the main canon of the series and a dull experience from start to finish. However, is this the year that everything gets set right?

At the end of January Capcom released Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS, which if I were to review would score very highly, and in November of this year they are set to release Resident Evil 6. I am incredibly excited for Resident Evil 6 but I am also well aware that it’s sink or swim time for the series, if the game is like the fifth one then, for me, the series is done for, two awful games back to back on the consoles would be a terrible blow for any series. Action is great but in Resident Evil it needs to be cleverly balanced with tense moments where you are all too aware of how little health and ammo you have and that just around corner could be some hideous infected monstrosity waiting to rip your face off.

Moments like those were missing in 5 because you knew you had enough ammo to take it on because the game was overly focused on action and was, as a result, a pale imitation of what Resident Evil is. The trailer for Resident Evil 6 has made me very excited and, though my faith in Capcom’s ability to create a great Resident Evil game has been damaged, it still remains intact.

Ultimately if they can strike the balance between survival and action as they did in the fourth game and as they seem to have done in Revelations then they will likely have a masterpiece on their hands (it’s only ever been the gameplay that was a problem so i’m sure that the other parts of the game will be fine). I look forward to playing Resident Evil 6 but the excitement is held back by the fact that Capcom could very easily ruin the series. I for one, hope that they don’t.



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