Alienware – Is it worth it?

Love PC Gaming?

Since I got my Alienware Aurora 5 days ago I thought I would do a post about Alienware computers and talk about some of the pros and cons!


When your talking about Alienwares the price is usually what shys people away from them like they’re an… alien!

Although they are usually very expensive there are cheaper ways of getting them such as looking for discounts and coupons, or using and

For example my Aurora averages for a minimum of $2000 on the Alienware website, however by looking on craigslist I was able to get it for less than half the price ($900) and the guy threw in a free HD screen, Logitech G19 Keyboard, and Razor DeathAdder mouse!


Odds are if your thinking about getting an Alienware your getting it so you can play games on high settings for maximum domination!

Lucky for you Alienware is great with high specs such as RAM, Hard Drive Space, intel processor, Windows 7 (optional), ect.


Except for the new X51 most Alienwares do take up some space as they are a little larger than most PCs (to handle what they can do) but do come with a few bonuses!

They are made to easily modify with better and newer parts as time passes, they do this by easily allowing you to remove the case (usually without screws at all!) and let you access the inside of the computer, also they feature their signature alien head logo and a series of lights around the computer which you can customize as you like from the alienFX app on the computer.


Although it may be cheaper to build a custom computer with similar specs, it is a wonderful machine that can handle what ever you throw at it!

I recommend getting one as long as you can find one for a great deal such as ebay or craigslist (maybe even amazon)

Happy gaming!



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  1. Happy that you like em. would personally never get one. After Dell bought Alienware they lost the whole concept of the pc. Buying one for full price is in my oppinion just waste of money. But as you write yourself there is ways to drop it a lot. I will stick to extreme custom builds.

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