Stand up for Gaming

There are many famous people who are known gamers, one of the most commonly referenced of these people is Dara O’Briain. Dara is such a noteworthy gamer that he has even been chosen to present the gaming BAFTA’s. The thing that I wonder about though is that, as gamers are such a widely criticised part of society (we are stereotyped as the overly violent, reclusive, basement dwelling, women hating delinquents of society who you’d rather see dead than near your child) should famous gamers do more to defend us?

Dara joked once that it would be more acceptable for him to announce that he masturbated to hardcore porn than it would be to say that he played games to cool down after a show. Whilst he is clearly joking the principle behind the joke is, in many cases, true. Most people think children are allowed to play games but anyone else falls into the stereotype I mentioned above.

Most of the time this has little actual impact on us but every now and then it results in a major controversy with us at its centre when we don’t really deserve to be. Whilst I accept that a few words from a famous person aren’t going to magically change this perception of gamers (also, not everyone sees us as this stereotype) it could certainly help as a long term thing.



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  1. I think a lot of sports personalities could help ‘gamers’ shake this preconception. There’s been loads of mentions of footballers playing games to unwind, yet we’re still lumped together with the ‘hardcore’ losers who do nothing but play games, argue with each other on the internet and are somehow proud of this.

    Of course, stereotypes take a lot more than one or two people saying ‘hey, I’m cool and I play games’, but it’s a start.

    Nice post.

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