My Hero

Over the years video games have produced a number of memorable heroes. Link and Mario from Nintendo, Master Chief from Microsoft and Nathan Drake from Sony all spring to mind. But how important are these characters? There have been two Halo games released that didn’t feature Master Chief and both were big successes and, although they weren’t as good as their predecessors, this wasn’t necessarily to do with Master Chief’s absence.

How long can characters last anyway? With Link and Mario Nintendo have shown that they can last a long time but can modern day heroes such as Drake and Master Chief hope to last as long? Will we still be playing Halo and Uncharted in 20 years like we still play Mario and Zelda today?

Many people simply don’t care because the story doesn’t bother them and without a story a good character is just a blank canvas, an Avatar. If all you care about is gameplay, which for many people is the case, then what use is an attention grabbing, memorable hero/heroine?

Surely it’s just a matter of time before heroes become bland, the accomplishments of heroes are bound to become too similar and then what will people want? I for one love heroes because I love the stories but with more and more people becoming concerned with gameplay and graphics more than they are the story what future do heroes have? Are heroes important to you or do you not care? Or do you prefer being able to make your heroes as you can in many RPGs?



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  2. I dont think this is the place to advertise an attorney….

  3. Agreed. By the way nice post Rob šŸ˜‰ keep it up!

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