Game Go Into Administration

It was announced yesterday that Game, the UK’s biggest retail chain dedicated to gaming, has gone into administration. Of course it is not certain that this will result in the closing of all of Game’s stores, Indeed there are even rumours circulating that this is part of a plan to create a new company once Game goes under. Whatever the outcome though, this is big news.

I for one love Game, although they may not have the widest selection of games and their queues are often unnecessarily long their games are well priced, their staff are knowledgable and friendly and their reward card is pretty useful. If administration ends up with them closing down then gaming will likely never be the same. Whilst supermarkets may sell games they are not dedicated purely to doing so and so can’t provide the level of guidance that Game could. Parents looking for presents without any real knowledge will find it much harder to buy and if you don’t already know what game you are looking for then there will no longer be a shop to go to be shown what you want.

Aside from this it must also be considered that if Game can go under then why can’t others? What if GameStop goes under in America? What if retailers across Europe go under? Game sales could plummet, retail chains such as Game operate as a great form of advertising, take them away and games just aren’t in the public eye enough.

Whatever happens this is bad news, Game and Gamestation will still be open for the foreseeable future but if they do close there will be nothing to fill the void. They need to come back, change their strategy and start fresh. The gaming world has been changing and the reason Game has gone into administration is because they haven’t changed with it. With the economy crashing Game needed to put more effort into working around people having less money, they needed more emphasis on digital distribution and ultimately they needed to put the same level of effort into staying open as they have done recently under the threat of administration.

I hope they don’t close but they’ll have to make drastic changes to stay open.



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