Graphics – Then and Now

Have you ever noticed how the graphics of some games seem to age well in time (Mario Bros. anyone?) and others seem to painfully fossilize? 

What is the key to timeless game content that keeps its player base years after its release?

Probably the best examples of this are online MMORPG’s due to their active community and history online, they compete against other MMORPG’s and will usually update their graphics as time passes by.

A great example of a game that hasn’t needed much graphics update is Nexon’s Free MMO “Maple Story”. 

Maple Story has been able to keep its classic 2D scroller RPG style of play timeless since its release  in May of 2005 and 7 years later its still just as fun to destroy mushroom shaped monsters and enjoy its casual gameplay.

An example of a game that suffered from ageing graphics is one of my favorites, JaGeX’s Free MMO “RuneScape” 

It has since recovered due to its HD graphics and Full Screen option for members, however during its long period of terribly aged graphics (along with the removal of PvP and limited trading options) the game literately lost players buy the millions! 

This brings me to another point, updating a game frequently can be good for all games but if can cause problems when you mess with the delicate balance of innovation and comfort of what players are used to.

As another one of our posters (Rob Carroll) brought to our attention, some game developers *cough* SONY *cough* are trying to eliminate the possibility of  buying used games for a fraction of the price.

I was personally able to buy Modern Warfare 2 for $20 used a while back when it was still selling for $60 new, it worked fine as if it were new but it was about 66% cheaper.

The last thing a needs in order to survive the test of time is a strong community, those who support the game, those who make clans and guilds, those who make YouTube videos, and those who connect with the game developers to bring a stronger alliance of players are essential to keeping them alive and well.

As I end this post I would like to strongly thank Rob Carroll for keeping this gaming blog alive while I have been working on other projects, I am going to return to EnemyHQ but could not have kept it up and running without your support, thank you 🙂


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  1. It’s good to see you back, and you’re welcome.

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