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Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

Kid Icarus: Uprising is Nintendo’s attempt at reviving an old franchise and for the most part it’s a success there are some glaring flaws with the game design which keep it from joining the ranks of Mario, Metroid and Zelda but it is still an enjoyable game and I hope the franchise continues.

The graphics are one of the standout parts of the game. In their own way they match those of Resident Evil: Revelations. The screen is usually ablaze with colour and action and the frame rate is pretty consistent. Although the screen can at times be too busy to clearly see what’s going on it is all in all a pleasing game to look at.

The story is simple but it’s effective enough to keep the game going on and provides a good enough backdrop for the constant action. It’s the action that really makes this game shine. The levels are all split into air sections, ground sections and boss fights and the near limitless supply of weapons, as well the incredibly flexible difficulty level keep the combat fresh and fun.

The multiplayer also seems to be good fun, though I admit I’ve only played a few games. The combat is different to that in the single player but is no less fun. My only real complaints, with the entire game, not just the multiplayer, is the control set up. Using the stylus to aim and the one shoulder button to attack is painful and the stand doesn’t do anything to help, nor does the circle pad pro. It makes long play sessions hard work because the pain builds up and ruins it. This isn’t game breaking but it really is a shame.

Aside from that and the fact that at times the action can be too much the game is great and although it hasn’t lived up to the hype that’s built up around it it is nonetheless a worthy buy and I hope we don’t have to wait another 20 years to see a sequel.

Score: 8/10