Top 10 iPhone Games

10.) NinJump


(Lite version also available)

A great game by Backflip Studios, NinJump is a great, unique, platforming game where you jump from building to building in a variety of levels such as in a castle or pirate ship, just be sure to watch out for those pesky creatures that always seem to get in the way!

9.) MineCraft


(Lite version available)

Mojang’s popular hit-indie game is a great addition to the app store.

Use creativity in new ways to explore and leave your mark on your own virtual world and share it with others!

Just be sure to watch out for creepers…

8.) Order and Chaos


Are you a fan of MMORPGs and games like World of Warcraft?

Then this is the game for you!

Full online MMORPG, complete quest, level up, get better gear, explore!

7.) Doodle Jump


(Lite version available)

An awesome, insanely addictive plat former by Lima Sky, this game will have you hooked!

Play across different levels and scenarios and avoid monsters as you literately reach for the stars!

6.) Plants vs. Zombies


Play the classic tower defense game by PopCap that millions of people love!

Use your plants do defend your house against waves of zombies that want to eat your brains!

5.) Fruit Ninja


(Lite version available)

Slice and dice across as much fruit as you can in this fun game that is perfect for those with 2 minutes to play or 2 hours!

A great game recommended for killing time and those addicted to slicing fruit!

(Caution: not recommended for those with cracked screens…)

4.) Angry Birds


(Lite version available)

Rain destruction on the pigs with your arsenal of birds including the mighty eagle!

As easy as it looks, don’t let it fool you, this game is easy to pick up but difficult to master!

3.) Blood and Glory


This is a swipe & slash fighting game and as the title suggest, it’s bloody!

Easily some of the most beautiful graphics we’ve seen so far for iOS devices, this FREE game is among the highest in the app store!

2.) Temple Run


Made by imangi studios, “Temple Run” is one of the most downloaded free apps  in the history of the app store!

Collect coins, escape evil monsters, jump, and run though the temple in glory and see how far you can go before meeting certain death!

This is a must-have for anyone who likes casual or hard core gaming, plus it’s FREE you got nothing to loose.

1.) Infinity Blade I and II

I $5.99

II $6.99

Chair Entertainment has brought iOS devices a true gift with its natural flowing combat, dodge and strike game series, Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II!

Don’t let the rather high price send you away, it’s well worth the price!

These are pieces of art that gamers will truly enjoy and get many hours of entertainment from, with brilliant graphics, they even give high end console games a run for their money!

If you love fighting games or RPG games then this is a true legendary game to add to your collection!

Other great iPhone Games

Run Roo Run

Siege Hero


Tiny Wings

Bejeweled Biltz

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